Firenze Santa Maria Novella Railway Station & Basilica of Santa Maria Novella ~ Florence, Italy

We took the very early morning train ride from Roma Termini to Florence today. We did not have time to eat our breakfast in the hotel so as soon as we arrive in Florence, we went to have breakfast at the terminal before embarking on our self guided tour.

Firenze SMN was far busier than I expected with lots of people around – its packed! After breakfast, we went out of the terminal building, looking whats around us .. nothing other than beautiful historical buildings! It was bright and early, a beautiful day indeed to be in Florence, Italy.

What else can you do and see in Italy besides good food and the good life? Medieval buildings! The Basilica was in our list to visit, the first in our itinerary for the day as it is located next to the Tain station like a 2 minutes walk! It was an easy find!

We think we are early but other people are already here! If you look to the left, the maintenance crew is still doing their morning routine check so we waited for a while before going in.

The interior
Meaningful paintings
Old monastery seats …
Most beautiful altar I’ve seen
Basilica courtyard

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