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2023 is going much faster

Yayyy …. Its March but Winter is not done with its course just yet, a least at where I live! Still getting snowed in most mornings. Travel plans are all almost done and hoping for the best and a safe trip come April. I have been waiting for this trip for many years now. It still takes up most of my vacation leave but its all worth it.

This city will be our first stop

You can’t get the good ole travel deals as it used to be, just how things has gone up in cost literally! But whatever it is, travel excitement is in the air again!

Scenic Gallatin Valley

Chose to drive through scenic highway 191 on our way to Billings driving through the beautiful Gallatin country with Gallatin river visible all along for hours. Its an awesome ride with many miles of breathtaking views of the valley.

Lodgepole pines and Subalpine fir trees at Gallatin Gateway area

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