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Cottonwood, home of St Gertrude’s Monastery

Its a historical ancient building that was built in 1907. If you’re a Catholic, you’ll appreciate seeing such a wonderful architecture such as this one. The Building was occupied by Benedictines sisters originally from Swizerland and the Benefictine sisters still occupy this monastery to this day.  Its location is in a precisely beautiful location on the central Idaho of about 1400 acres of private land.
Next to the monastery are three separate buildings i.e the  Monastery museum & Gift shop, their spirit center for events and retreat and the Inn at St Gertrudes.  All are owned and operated by the sisters of the Monastery.
The Inn - wonderfully appointed and I will definitely be coming back to this place.  The ara is al about hiking trails  and with the cool and beautiful autumn weather,  walking around was indeed a great exercise!

We stayed a night at the Inn which is managed by the monastery.  It has only 4 rooms to rent out to the  public :
1. Bluebird Studio room with Prairie view,
2. Meadowlark Studio room with forest view, 3. Pheasant Suite with Prairie view and
4. Hummingbird Suite with forest view.

Reservations can be made via their website or via TripAdvisor. These 4 rooms are well appointed, much like a hotel room.

Continental breakfast is served from 7am to 9am every morning. They also have evening snack at 6pm daily with coffee/tea and had a chocolate cake while we were there on Saturday.

A perfect morning sun

An Ole’ Country road leading to my family homestead where tree branches dropped low to form the  perfect sun shade, a one way country road just meant for a household.   As John Denver's hit song "Take Me Home, Country Roads" runs through the mind while driving here will be the best description of this picture.  This country road  cuts right through the family orchard with mighty views of fruit trees on both sides with some highlights of bamboo shrubs.
"To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon the verdant green hills is the most perfect refreshment" ~ by Jane Austin

Teotihuacan ~ Pyramid of the Sun

The Aztec World

Climbing the narrow steep steps up to this Pyramid is an experience. Its scorching hot weather and with its high humidity, you will be sweating hard ahead of yourself!

After all the effort, you’ll be feeling on top of the world with spectacular view all around you. They say …. There used to be an altar on the top and was said to have built to honor a deity.