Cottonwood, home of St Gertrude’s Monastery

Its a historical ancient building that was built in 1907. If you’re a Catholic, you’ll appreciate seeing such a wonderful architecture such as this one. The Building was occupied by Benedictines sisters originally from Swizerland and the Benefictine sisters still occupy this monastery to this day. Its location is in a precisely beautiful location on... Continue Reading →

Back Country

Started off at eight, a cool morning ride towards the picturesque highway 55 with a number of quaint small towns along the way. The road is winding uphill and downhill and repeatedly uphill and downhill drive until we reached our destination, Cottonwood. You can, without doubt, pull over to a scenic overlook or viewpoint to... Continue Reading →

A perfect morning sun

An Ole’ Country road leading to my family homestead where tree branches dropped low to form the perfect sun shade, a one way country road just meant for a household. As John Denver's hit song "Take Me Home, Country Roads" runs through the mind while driving here will be the best description of this picture.... Continue Reading →

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