Tropical Water Lilies

These Water Lilies attracted my eyes, they are real and beautifully located right on the building entrance of the Art Science Museum building at Marina Bay.

Just a place to enjoy a little bit of nature for a moment to destress from work bustles!
“Like the water lily, I embrace my surroundings and bloom into being unique …”
~*aNu* ~

Super tree garden

The Gardens by the Bay is a huge nature park that expands about 250 acres and features the unique and exotic super Tree that is actually a garden planter with its large canopy for smaller plants such as orchids, ferns, creeping plants, lots of pretty flowering plants etc. Walking along the the Skyway that is absolutely ‘a must go’ giving you a whole wide view the lush green surrounding of the bay area. This skyway is attached between two super trees and is about 50m above the ground.
Various plants grown on the supertree
Pretty little plants on the Super tree

Admiring the fascinating supertrees from the base and thinking how tall and amazing each one of them is.

Malacca , a world heritage site

The Living Museum

So we have longed wanted to visit Malacca but never had enough time to spare each time when we are in the area. Its a 2 hour pleasant drive from Kuala Lumpur, though not on a cloudy and rainy day. Thanks to my college best friend, Flora, who made the arrangement and made this trip possible. We weren’t lucky enough to choose this day as it was raining intermittently all day through. Also thanks to Danny for guiding us on this trip. We had a wonderful lunch at Siew Tin’s Nyonya Kitchen to savor the Nyonya dishes. And here are some of the very colorful scenes I have ever taken in pictures.

Christ Church, an 18th century Anglican church located a few minutes to Jonker street.
Malacca Art Galery
St Paul’s church ruins, the structure was originally built in 1521 by a Portuguese captain, Duarte Coelho . It is located on top of St Paul’s hill and you’ve git to climb up 100 steep staircase to reach this unroof ruin. Its has a interesting history.
Old landmark here for centuries
How colorful!
The start of the Jonker Walk
Jonker river walk
The colorful Becha ride
You can never miss this view of an old delightful picture painted building along the Jonker river walk
Jonker river walk
We are almost ending our historical walk

A morning stroll along the river

After many hours of sitting down during our flight to Singapore, we took a nice walk the very next morning at the Riverside Point, a nice walking path in the city along the Singapore river to relax and unwind. The place is common for cyclist, joggers and fun times watching Otters and Ducks swimming away. It was really quiet when we were there with lots of space for us to walk and be curious of whats around us! Shops weren’t open yet on a Saturday morning where people have probably been out boozing up themselves the night before.
But in no time we felt the heat as its typically hot and humid in Singapore. There were pleasantly cool shady areas to hide under for a while and surely was a refreshing experience here. In the evening this place is vibrant again when it comes to happy hour and dining experience, parties or just good times.

Back to the skies

From my window seat and traveling from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu on the island of Borneo on a perfect fine weather, the journey was awesome! Have not traveled since the discovery of Covid-19 and that was two years ago. What a relief! All restrictions was lifted with a personal choice to wear or not to wear a mask. However, due to the regulations of most Asian countries, wearing a mask is required indoors and can opt out when outside.
Nevertheless, I was still excited to come for a visit. It rained some days but this is a typical weather in the area and when it rains, its pouring rain most of the time. It is also typical for the rain to pour in the afternoon. It will be nice and clean after that though it will be kind of wet.

A perfect morning sun

An Ole’ Country road leading to my family homestead where tree branches dropped low to form the  perfect sun shade, a one way country road just meant for a household.   As John Denver's hit song "Take Me Home, Country Roads" runs through the mind while driving here will be the best description of this picture.  This country road  cuts right through the family orchard with mighty views of fruit trees on both sides with some highlights of bamboo shrubs.
"To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon the verdant green hills is the most perfect refreshment" ~ by Jane Austin

One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things ~ Brainy Quotes