Tropical Water Lilies

These Water Lilies attracted my eyes, they are real and beautifully located right on the building entrance of the Art Science Museum building at Marina Bay.

Just a place to enjoy a little bit of nature for a moment to destress from work bustles!
“Like the water lily, I embrace my surroundings and bloom into being unique …”
~*aNu* ~

Super tree garden

The Gardens by the Bay is a huge nature park that expands about 250 acres and features the unique and exotic super Tree that is actually a garden planter with its large canopy for smaller plants such as orchids, ferns, creeping plants, lots of pretty flowering plants etc. Walking along the the Skyway that is absolutely ‘a must go’ giving you a whole wide view the lush green surrounding of the bay area. This skyway is attached between two super trees and is about 50m above the ground.
Various plants grown on the supertree
Pretty little plants on the Super tree

Admiring the fascinating supertrees from the base and thinking how tall and amazing each one of them is.